We are all ONE... Be an example of Love and Compassion by helping another!

One World Heart, LTD is a legal non profit organization.

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Our intent at One World Heart an affiliate of VToursOnline.com is to enlighten billions of Internet User who are seeking a place, a person, or a project, etc. to be of service to.

Here you will find those in need, who you can gift or donate your time, items or money to bring a smile and help a little star shine.

The Volunteers of One World Heart, LTD travel the USA as well as internationally seeking the inner heart workings of the communities where we locate those that are in need of support, especially the children who with a simple loving gift can smile again.

Our Heartfelt Mission at One World Heart is to purchase and gift as many small or large items on the wish list of children in need. We also specialize in creating documentary pages free of charge to those children and other heart centered community projects.

One small gift purchased with your donation can bring a smile to a child's face that literally lights up the world.

We are all ONE, one heart, one mind, one spirit and you can assist  others in realizing their value and worth by being a gift giver, and sponsoring a star who happens to be less fortunate by donating and granting even a small wish.

Be an example of Love and Compassion by helping another!

A personal commentary about The ONE from Tom the owner of VTours Online and co- founder of the ONE World Heart

Read about the inspirational story that led to the  birth of  the idea of the ONE, by Eloryia RA.

You can help by donating directly to One World Heart, LTD to support the purchase of a child's wish.

In our travels we continually come across what most would refer to as our local heroes "ordinary" people, yet we have been fortunate enough to have the time to learn about their extraordinary stories.

The ONE all appear to have the same philosophy...The common denominator amongst these ordinary people with extraordinary stories, is none of them seem to have any personal agenda.

Their actions, thoughts, words and deeds come from love rather than fear. They personify the  One Heart , One Mind, and One Spirit!

They are unsong gifts to their communities,  contributing their finances, time, items and or talents each and every day to create One Community, for the benefit of all.

We at VTours Online acknowledge each and every one of these exceptional individuals and/or organizations;  and have been inspired to share the many whom make up the ONE to inspire others in the world into action, whom have the desire to be of service as well. 

You can shine your light by helping someone, somewhere realize they too are magnificent by donating!

We are all ONE... Be an example of Love and Compassion by helping another!

The One!  

VTours Community Contribution ...
People Helping People

Local Hero Projects

The Stage Stop, Westcliffe CO

Wild Bill Toy Ride
Peace in Punta de Mita
Bucerias Bilingual Community Center
Wish Upon A Smile in Puerto Vallarta & Bucerias
Manos de Amor in Bucerias, Mexico
Entreamigos  in San Pancho

Donations up to $250 are tax deductable. Larger donations that require a donation receipt for tax deductable purposes as soon as our pending 501 C status is active. All donations received will be immediately retroactive so that your donation is tax deductable.

Your money goes to gifting a child, or a local hero project, like the ones on this page.

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