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All you need to know about Bocas del Toro, how to get there, where to stay, what to eat and what to do

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Bocas del Toro is a province of Panama. The capital is the city of Bocas del Toro, found on the island of Colon, more commonly referred to as Bocas town. The population of the province numbers some 89,300 people. Its extension is 8,745 kilometers and is formed by 9 principal islands. There are many plantation of plantains here, often called the oro verde or green gold of Central America. This area of Panama is a definite tourist destination, with multiple beaches, rain forests and a various activities and places to see by boat and car, that can better be described as mini adventures. More Information and Images




Bocas Del Toro Panama Images & Information

Fisherman in Bocas del Toro

Bocas del Toro is a chain of islands in the Caribbean Sea on the western end of Panama.

Bird Island

This group of islands is some of the most beautiful in the world. Crystal clear waters, beaches and mangrove lined islands are trademarks of Bocas del Toro.


Bird Island

Dolphin Bay by Bocas del ToroYou can hire a private boat or jump aboard a tour boat to Dolphin Bay to encounter more dolphins than you have seen anywhere, or travel to

Dolphin Bay


Bird Island
Access to most of the islands is available via many water taxis for very reasonable prices.

Surfing at Bocas del Toro is thought to be some of the best in the world. Many restaurants are world class dining experiences.

Bird Island


There are ample accommodations for any budget  available in Bocas del Toro town and most of the larger islands.



Hotel Maccabite


Map of Bocas del Toro in Panama...coming soon


How to Get to Bocas del Toro by Air

You can fly out of Panama City, the flight is approximately an hour. You can also fly from David, about six hours west of Panama City by car. The flight from David to Bocas del Toro is approximately 30 minutes.

How to get to Bocas del Toro by Water
Access to most of the islands is available via many water taxis for very reasonable prices.

Real Estate
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Vacation Rentals
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  • Bocas Beach House
    Big Creek, Colon Island
  • Bocas Condos
    Bocas del Toro town
    Rooms daily, weekly or monthly basis.
  • Bocas Las Olas
    Saigon, Bocas del Toro town
    Cottages over the sea for rent, monthly.
  • Cabana Beach Condos
    La Cabaņa Beach, Colon Island
    Condos for rent in front of the beach.
  • Casa Acuario
    Carenero Cay, Rooms
    5 minutes away from Bocas del Toro.
  • Casa Blanca Home
    Solarte Island, Luxury full equipped beach home.
  • Casa del Sapo  Homes
    Carenero Cay, Beachfront Houses full equipped
  • La Estrella de Bocas
    1st. Street, Bocas del Toro Apartments.
  • M&M's Resedencias
    Ave Sur, Bocas del Toro. Email:
    Luxury furnished apartments in front of the sea.
  • Panama's Paradise
    Saigon, Bocas del Toro town
  • The Lodge at Swan's Cay
    Seafront Rooms for rent at Boca del Drago
  • Tropical Suites
    1st. Street. Luxury apartments daily, weekly, monthly
  • Up in the Hill
    Cabin rental. Organic products shop.

Hotels & Resorts
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Angela Hotel
Virtual Tour


Hotel Bocas Del Toro
Virtual Tour



Virtual Tour



Suite Hotel Costes
Virtual Tour



Hotel Bahia
Virtual Tour



Hotelito Del Mar
Virtual Tour



Hotel Swans Cay
Virtual Tour



Virtual Tour

Other Hotels & Resorts

Al Natural Resort
Old Point, Bastimentos Island.

Virtual Tour

North Ave

Bahia del Sol Hotel
Virtual Tour


Bocas Backpackers
Ave. G
Bocas del Toro town

Bocas Caribbean Paradise
1st Street
Bocas del Toro town

Bocas del Toro Hotel
Virtual Tour

1st Street

Bocas las Olas
Saigon, Bocas del Toro town

Bocas Paradise
1st. Street, Bocas del Toro town

Blue Marlin Resort
Carenero Cay Bocas del Toro

Buccaneer Resort
At Carenero Cay

Calaluna Hotel
5th. Street.

Caribbean View Hotel
At Bastimentos

Careening Cay Resort
At Carenero

Casa Acuario
Carenero Cay

Casa Cayuco
Old Point (Punta Vieja),
Bastimentos Island

Coral Cay Cabines
At Coral Cay

Cocomo On The Sea
Virtual Tour

North Ave.

Costes Suite Hotel
Virtual Tour

3rd. Street

Dolphin Bay Hideaway
At Dolphin Bay

Dona Mara
At Carenero Island

Eclypse de Mar
At Bastimentos Island.

El Alma Hotel
Big Creek

El Limbo On The Sea
Calle Primera - Bocas del Toro.

Hotel Hipocampo
At First Street, Bocas.


Hotelito Del Mar
Virtual Tour

Koko Resort


Laguna Hotel
3rd. Street

La Coralina
Paunch Beach, Bocas del Toro

La Estrella de Bocas
1st. Street, Bocas del Toro

La Loma Jungle Lodge
Bahia Honda, Bastimentos Island

La Veranda Hotel
G Avenue

Los Balcones Hotel
Carenero Island

Los Delfines Hotel
G Avenue

Hotel Lulas Bed & Breakfast
North Avenue

Macca Bite Hotel
Virtual Tour

At Macca Bite Bastimentos

M&M's Residencias
Ave Sur, Bocas del Toro

Natural Lodge
At Bocas del Drago

Olas de La Madrugada
South Avenue

Playa Mango Club & Resort
Pauch, Colon Island

Playa Tortuga Hotel
Big Creek, Colon Island

Popa Paradise Paradise Beach Resort
Popa Island

Punta Caracol Resort
Conch Point, Colon Island

Solarte del Caribe Inn
Solarte Key

Swan's Cay Hotel
Virtual Tour

3rd. Street

The Lodge at Swan's Cay
Boca del Drago

Tierra Verde Hotel
Carenero Island

Tranquilo Bay
Cristobal Island

Yellow Jack
Bastimentos Island



Bocas del Toro Location Maps

Panama Map and Area Locations

Panama Provinces Map locator

Places to See

Zapatillos Keys
Zapatillas Keys, named after the fruit, zapatilla;  are located inside the Bastimentos Island National Marine Park and are comprised of two islands located on a coral platform toward the open sea. These islands are noted for their white sandy beaches, caribbean clear water, coral reefs and forest.

Zapatillas Minor is the western island and is an occasional base or conservationists, scientist and marine turtle researchers.

Zapatillas Major hosts a  Park Rangers refuge, the only habitation on the islands, managed by INRENARE, the Government Agency for Protection of the Natural Resources.

An excellent place to snorkel or scuba dive, as only 300 meters from the beach, toward the mainland, is the Coral Islands. This shallow area is only , particularly good for  20 feet depth where you  can observe underwater coral islets, snappers, angel fish, groupers, parrots and butterfly fishes.

View Tour Operators

Bird IslandSwans Cay

Swans Cay is just a short boat ride away. This bird sanctuary is home to a unique tropical bird known as the Frigates; as well as pelicans and seagulls. For the preservation of the nesting, you are not permitted on the island.

Hospital Point
At Hospital Point you can dive or snorkel nearby. Hospital Point is the home of the the tiny colorful and poisonous frogs and the tombs from the beginning of the century. You are permitted to walk the forest with a local guide. On the western side of Hospital Point is a main house adorned with a lush botanical garden, enhance with flora species from all over the world.

San Cristobal Island
San Cristobal occupies an important sector of the Admiral Bay is rich in marine environments. Two reefs, one on the north side, the other on the west side are some of the best snorkeling areas. The first reef is called "Cristobal Light" because the navigation light for the ships travelling in the channel that runs along the north coast of the island.

Sight Seeing
Currently the only ways to see the Bocas del Toro Islands is by boat, considered the most easy and by car which only on Colon Island.

Marine Tour: You can rent a boat for a full day to tour Admiral Bay, Colon Island, Criobal Village, Hospital Point and the mangrove islets in the Marine Park. You may want to break up your tour to only a few of the above at a time, allowing you more time to explore these incredible areas.

Land Tour:
One Tour Originates  in the town of Bocas del Toro. You can either travel along the coast towards the open sea. On this route you will observe rock outcroppings and hillsides with your final destination being the undeveloped Bluff beach, noted for it's unusual orange sand. Here you can swim, surf or simply relax on the beach.

Another interesting and fun activity you may wish to engage in on Bluff Beach is preserving and protecting the marine turtles nests. This activity takes place in nesting season during the night hours.

The other tour will take you to the old settlement of Bocas del Drago, located on a sandy beach. From there you can go to the bird sanctuary Swans Cay and your return route can take you to the  middle of the island to explore Bats Cave.

Back to Bocas del Toro


Places to see


Zapatillos Keys


Swans Cay


Hospital Point


San Cristobal Island


Bastimentos Island Nat. Park

Bocas del Toro Services

Add or Enhance Your Listing
  • Albertos-Pizza
  • Bocas del Toro-Local & International
  • Coral Cay-Regional & Int. Seafood
  • Laguna-Italian & International
  • El Alma
  • El Limbo on the Sea-Seafood-Pizza
  • La Rumba-International
  • Pickled Parrot-International
  • Punta Caracol-International Seafood
  • Cosmic Crab Cafe
  • Milano Ristorante
  • La Terraza
  • Los Delfines
  • Yarisnori

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