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Boquete Panama

Boquete Valley

In a beautiful valley in the highlands of Chiriqui province in Panama lies the village of Boquete. Beautiful mountains surround it and the Boquete River flows through the center of the valley and the village.

Boquete is called the "Valley of the Flowers and Eternal Spring". Beautiful flowering vegetation is abundant throughout the village and in the modest to luxurious home gardens that give Boquete its unique charm and is a favorite vacation destination for Panamanians...we have provided a list of lodging accommodations in Boquete, some with virtual tours, so make sure you have reservations.


Boquete highlands waterfallThe land is lush and the weather is pleasant year-round due to its location in the high valley. The people are friendly, amenities are plentiful, the beauty is endless and the serenity is timeless.

Boquete was founded in 1911 and in Spanish, the word ‘Boquete’ means a gap or opening. It was precisely this gap in the Continental Divide that provided travelers, in the 1850’s, a more northerly short cut to the Pacific, en route to the goldfields around San Francisco.

The first explorers, who included the Swiss, Yugoslavs, Swedish, Germans and North Americans returned to settle in Boquete.

A Residential Home on a Boquete Hillside
Boquete is fast becoming a most desirable place to retire. 

Volcanic soil predominates the area, having once emanated from the now dormant, Volcan Baru. Otherwise, the highlands around Boquete comprise colluvial and sedimentary soil.

The indigenous people, the Ngöbe-Buglé, or Guaymies, live in their nearby Comarca and in the hills around Boquete. They supply the low-cost labor required by local coffee farms and plantations.

Rio Cochea Boquete Panama
Two rivers run through Boquete; the Rio Cochea, and the Rio Caldera, which flows through the town center. Their waters provide sustenance for an abundance of oranges, grapefruit and other local fruits and flowers, including the ubiquitous novia (impatiens), lily, hibiscus, orchids, carnations and sunflowers, among others.

By Air:

Flying into  Panama City you can either , take a flight to David (approx. 1 hour/$60 each way) and then about $30 for a taxi from David to Boquete. You can rent a car (approx. 6 hours) , or a bus (approx 6- 10 hours depending on whether it is an express or not) .

Panama City has two airports; International Airport, Tocumen, about 35 km from downtown.

Domestic Flights : Panama has a good domestic flight network, the main domestic airlines are Mapiex and Aeroperlas, assessed by the US Federal Aviation as operated in compliance with international aviation standards. All domestic airlines operate out of Panama's main domestic airport, Aeropuerto Marcos A. Gelabert, located in the Albrook area of Panama City, commonly known as Albrook Airport.

Baggage weight allowance on domestic flights is a total of 25 lbs. for checked baggage and carry on combined. You will also be asked to state your body weight at check in. The small domestic planes have maximum weight limits. Overweight charges (for baggage) varies according to destination, but is rarely more than $1.00 per pound.

It is approximately $30 Taxi fare between airports. Make sure you ask the fare before getting into the Taxi.

Aeroperlas  is the main interior airline with three flights a day to David.  The cost is about $76 each way . There is an early morning, mid morning and late afternoon flight.

By Bus:

Express buses leave the main Panama City bus terminal at Albrook for David. $15.and is approximately a 7 hour trip with a rest about halfway. Your bus will arrive in David and from there you can take a taxi to Boquete, approx. $25. The buses are large tourist buses and air conditioned. (make sure the air conditioning is working)

Many people traveling to Boquete also visit Bocas del Toro, a chain of islands in the Caribbean sea on the western end of Panama.

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Panama Provinces
Boquete is in the Chiriqui Province, see green area in Panama province map below.

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  • Hotel Fundadores
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  • Hostel la Estancia
  • Hostel Villa Marita
  • Cabanas Los Pinos
  • Cabanas Rivera
  • Pension Topas
  • Cabanas Villa Lorena
  • Hotel Rebequet
  • Valle Escondido


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