The Benefits of SEO Optimizing... Be Found ....Get Leads ...Be Profitable!

Can you be found on the first page of the
Search Engines in one of the top positions?

If not, then you need a Certified SEO to help you without the
on going high cost of Adword PPC Campaigns.


Be assured the others in your industry seeking the same world wide and/or local internet customers are already or fast becoming quite savvy in how optimizing works.

They have hired a professional SEO (search engine optimizer) to make it easy for the Internet users to find them in the top positions of Google, Yahoo, Bing and others....shouldn't you do the same?

If you have an existing site or you are starting from scratch and need a Web site Revamped or designed/developed and optimized, you can achieve a successful E-Commerce site with  VTours Online.

  • Have you ever considered having a Web site designed to sell your service and or products on the internet?

  • Have you ever wondered why you spent your hard earned cash on a beautifully designed Web site and you still don't get any business?

  • Do you find yourself clicking on page after page under a Google, Yahoo, MSN or other search engine wondering where in Heaven your site is?

  • Statistics prove... no one will find your Web site unless your site appears on the most desirable first few pages of a search result.

  • Would you like to know how you can accomplish this without the high cost of Pay Per Click AdWord Campaign.

    What is "Search Engine Optimization"?

  • Search engines bring most of the Internet traffic to those Web sites that are using search engine optimization techniques and strategies to help their existing or potential customers find them on the Internet. Anyone can learn search engine optimization techniques, if sufficient time is spent on learning and practicing. But, not everyone has the necessary time to invest aside from their primary business.

    Why am I not generating traffic to my site?

  • The world is fast becoming an internet shopping arena, and your Ecommerce competitors know this.

  • The reason you are lost in Internet cyberspace is because your Web site is competing with millions of other sites in your same business/industry. Because just like you, other internet users make a purchasing decision in the first three pages of their search, simply because it is too exhausting to research any further.

  • How fortunate for you if you are found on pages 1- 3, rather than on 4 or buried even deeper within the millions of competitors in your industry. But this will not just happen overnight. Your site must be optimized so that they are not only user friendly, but search engines friendly as well.

  • Ecommerce  is growing rapidly on a daily basis and becoming an important and inexpensive source for finding new customers.

  • That's where search engine optimization is vitally important to your Web site. Web sites have to be developed with optimization in order to achieve a high placement with the search engines. Unfortunately, search engine optimization is not intrinsically a part of "web design". Most often, web designers are not even aware of search engine optimization, or they can only advise you to participate in the high cost of Adword Pay Per Click.

  • Search Engine Optimization should not be an after thought.
    Websites must be created from the ground up to be search engine friendly. That does not mean an existing site cannot be optimized.

  • It matters not if you have the most incredible site ever designed with all the Rich Media including state of the art flash components implemented within your pages.

  • What does it matter how sophisticated, cute or impressive it is, or how amazing your product or specialized service is, if no one ever sees it?

  • It is vital to have good design integrated with top SEO marketing Strategies in order for your site to generate the kind of traffic you desire.

  • What are the most successful Ways, as well as honest, ethical and legal, to get those top ranking positions you are after, to generate traffic to your site and to convert that traffic into sales:

    1. Well, you can consider Paying the high cost of Pay Per Click Ad Campaigns with Google, Yahoo and/or the other search engines (with still no guarantee of a continuous particular placement) This is not necessary, especially if you do not have a large advertising budget available to you. You also want to be aware of possibly finding yourself out of pocket because you have hired someone who says they are an SEO, and truly all they are doing is spending your cash on PPC AdWord campaigns.


    2. The Best Solution to get top placement, or to accomplish your goal of generating traffic to your site by having the World Wide Internet Users find you, without even knowing your name, is with our professional and expert services of  organic search engine optimizing.


  • Don't lose potential traffic because you're not being found by the search engines.

  • If you don't have traffic to your e-commerce site you may as well not have an e-commerce web site. This makes SEO (search engine optimization) one of your most important considerations.

  • We can analyze your existing Website to make recommendations. Or we can build you a Web site from the ground up with the proper optimization strategies so that you will be found by your customers.

  • We will start a free consultation of what your business is about and what strategies are available to you and an approximate costs. Then you can choose to move on from there so your site can be immediately found through key search terms. There are measurable things that can be done to help achieve better rankings.

  • The costs can and do vary greatly, this depends on many factors. The size of your Web site, the competitive keywords/phrases, etc. There are literally many factors involved in the cost for web development with search engine optimization services. You can have a free consultation where we together can determine your specific needs.

    More Information
    In order to reach your goal and truly obtain a placement in those very precious first few pages of a search you must organically optimize your Web site pages.

    Your web pages must be informative to the internet users, but more importantly they must impress upon the search engine robots.

    A certified ethical SEO, with the combination of programming and Web Design and Development, can accomplish this for you!

    We can help you get the traffic you desire by optimizing your site and eliminating the costly and ongoing pay per click ad campaigns.

    It is not the internet users, but the search engine robots, looking to provide the best information for the user, who determine the placement of your web pages.

    Although your users will be impressed with your visual design, the search engines are not…there are seeking completely different information relevant and useful to the user and they are especially checking for any levels of spam content on any and all of your Web pages.

    If your site is not optimized or it is done so with spam strategies, your Web pages will be filed in supplemental indexing, which means they may never be seen, or worse still you could be penalized with other negative consequences.

    Be assured the others in your industry seeking the same customers are already or fast becoming quite savvy in how it all works.
    They are either paying the high cost of ADWORD Pay Per Click (PPC), or they have hired a professional SEO (search engine optimizer).

    They already know how pointless it is to design and development a beautiful, informative, flashy site and have no one ever see it. You may as well put a match to your cash.

    Did you know ?

    In order for you site to even be recognized and indexed by the search engine robots , there are multiple different components that must be integrated into every page of your Web site.

    Your site needs to be loaded with informative, useful, relevant content composed using other SEO programs, methods and techniques.

    A professional SEO, knows what the search engine robots are looking for in order for them to not just index your site pages, but to give them optimal placement. It is only with this optimization that you will be found quickly.

    A professional SEO is extremely creative, thinks outside the boundaries, is a creative writer utilizing specialized words and phrases relevant to your business.

    They understand design and development, they understand your potential customer and how they are thinking and feeling and how to attract them to your Web site. A professional and ethical SEO is adept at what the search engines consider spam and will know how to build your site so that you are not penalized for spamming.

    If you have a Web site already and it is still not performing for you the way you truly desire, simply because it is buried amongst millions of like industry pages, our SEO services can get you where you are visible, which will then bring the traffic to you and then convert that traffic into leads and/or sales for your products and services.

    If you are starting from scratch and need a Web site designed/developed and optimized, we can do that as well.

    All of the necessary components, Design, Development and SEO, to create a successful Web site are available


    • Rich Media Specialists

    • Graphic Artist

    • Flash Designers

    • Data Base Programmers

    • Creative Copy Writers

    • Domain Name Registration

    • Hosting

    • Web Development

    • Audio/Video

    • E-Commerce Marketing and Sales including Online shopping carts

    • and most importantly SEO (search engine optimization)

      For All Your Online and Offline Advertising Needs we also Provide

      • FLASH AND STILL Logos

      • Architectural Rendering

      • Rich Media 360 virtual  images

      • SIGNS

      • WEB DESIGN and development


      • FLYERS

      • on and offline BROCHURES

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