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Your money goes directly to One World Heart to Support The Bucerias Bilinqual Community Center with their wishes and needs

Contact US if you wish to donate items, time or skills.

501 C is pending and all donations will become immediately retroactive.


Bucerias Bilingual Community CenterThe Bucerias Bilingual Community

" Together We Learn "


Passports, FM2’s and FM3’s…these are our words…the words of foreigners and expats who have discovered their own personal paradise tucked away in Bucerias, Nayarit. We know the struggle, the cost and the time spent acquiring these necessary passports to make Mexico a part of our lives, and yet the time, cost, and dedication required to obtain these is small compared to the passport our Mexican friends must acquire to enrich their lives.

For the Spanish speaking children and adults of Bucerias it is not a piece of paper, but a language that is their passport to a richer life. In Mexico, being able to speak English offers better job opportunities, potentially higher wages, and in the eyes of many parents a better future for their families. But for many of these families English lessons have not been readily accessible.


Bucerias Bilinqual Community Center Garden

Tucked away on the mountain side of Bucerias, the Bucerias Bilingual Community Centre is helping fill this need. In a beautiful setting of gardens and outdoor learning, games are played, verbs are practiced, and word by word, sentence by sentence, these enthusiastic learners become more fluent.



It is not always easy, but these determined children and adults return class after class in an effort to improve the quality of their lives. They know being bilingual is important here. The synergy is exciting as volunteer teachers experience the joy of hearing students utter their very first sentences in English and the students recognize their personal success. Together they are creating a passport to future opportunities.

The Founder of the Bucerias Community Center

For expats and foreigners money and time buys our passports. For our Mexican friends, it is time and hard work, an open mind and knowing how important it is to speak English in today’s world.

Some of us understand what they are experiencing as we are also in the process of learning Spanish in an attempt to participate more fully in our new community.



middle school class


Thanks to the willing volunteers of the Bucerias Bilingual Community Centre, English classes are growing in size. At the same time, Spanish classes are also being held thanks to the efforts of both Mexican and bilingual Anglo volunteer teachers. The word is spreading. Without our teachers and  wonderful donors, and without our beautiful school, none of this would be possible.



As another session of English and Spanish classes ends, congratulations are definitely in order. To our beautiful Mexican students, congratulations on adding to your passport. To the volunteers who help teach, congratulations on making a difference in the lives of many. We know that each of us gains when we share with each other. The opportunity to learn from our students enriches our lives as well. Truly, LEARNING is the passport that can take us anywhere! You too can be part of this wonderful process.
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Reta Ross




BBCC In-Sights

Reta Ross
Amazing places are often the result of amazing people! Growth occurs when these people have vision, commitment, and a burning desire to make things happen. BBCC grows because of these amazing individuals. Have you ever loved your work so much that you would do it for free? Volunteers do! And one of these volunteer teachers at BBCC is Reta Ross.

She is the fairy woman. A beautiful, curly blonde, animated woman, she captures the attention of the children with her love, warmth and inner beauty. She loves these children, so much so that when they are missing from class, she walks the dusty streets to their homes across the arroyo to see if they are okay. She lets their parents know they are missed. And soon they are back in class.

When she arrived she knew her mission. She was here to teach children English, to share with them everything she could. She walked those same streets, inviting children, talking to parents, letting them know their children could learn English at BBCC. Starting with four beautiful little girls who brought more children, her classes grew. She took flyers written in Spanish to the streets, handing them out, letting people know what the centre could offer them. And by one night in February twenty eight children were attending her class.

Reta is the consummate teacher. Knowing she would have to buy it herself, she found an effective program for teaching English and purchased it. Hours were spent creating pages, laminating, and learning the materials so that these children could have the best learning experience possible. And it is a wonderful experience. You know that when you see children arriving with big smiles, running to hug her.

These children come because they want to, not because they have to. Often they come to class bringing younger brothers, sisters and friends, arriving early and wanting to stay after the daily session is ended. You see it on the street when you witness their excitement as she walks past their homes and stops into visit. And you can’t miss it in the eyes of their parents where the appreciation and acknowledgement of her work is so evident.

Come into her class and see the excellent teaching… the intentional repetition of English words, games, songs, and picture work that she knows will lead to language acquisition. I wish you could have been there the day the children looked at pictures and for the very first time answered in sentences. Suddenly single words like dog and running became a complete thought. “The dog is running.” “The ant is red.” These were huge steps for children who knew NO English months before. And these were enough to bring joyful tears to the fairy woman’s eyes.

This is the teacher who struggled with a lively 11 year old who couldn’t sit still and wanted to talk all the time. Trying everything she could, she finally put on meditative music… soothing and quiet, hoping it would help. When nothing changed, she stopped playing it. Imagine her surprise, when his first question was, “Reta, why don’t we have the music on? I like that.”

Come in and watch her work. She is an actress, pantomiming words, being silly, anything to enhance the learning experience for her children. As the consummate teacher, these ARE her children. And she is becoming one with them… loved and respected, she spent her new years eve celebrating and dancing with the children and their families. She is no outsider; she has been invited in, just as she invited them into her life.

It has not been all joy for this loving woman. There was a time with her classes growing she experienced such frustration at not being able to surround these children - to meet all their needs, and in her lovely warm way she asked for help and had faith it would come. And when help came in the form of one volunteer, and then another, and another, she shared her children and her love of teaching with them as well. The frustration was gone and replaced with more love and the knowledge that once again her children were surrounded.

The fairy woman with her long curly blonde hair, her ankle length dresses with puffy sleeves, her beautiful smile, and sparkling eyes will be missed this summer. But as her friend and co teacher, I know she has a dream. Next year she will return to teach. But there will be a difference. When she returns she will look for a home here. She dreams of teaching English, of walking streets where she is not a visitor but a local, of having her own horse to ride, and neighbors who will be part of life forever. She knows she will return to these children and share more of her language, her joy and her love. It is people like Reta who are part of amazing places like BBCC.


Pre School Class


 Our Mission

The BBCC was founded as a non-profit organization to promote Spanish/English education and interaction in the small pueblo of Bucerias, northeast of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. The mission is to offer English instruction to Mexican residents to improve their economic well-being, and to offer Spanish to a growing number of part and full time Anglo residents who are interested in meaningful interaction with their Mexican neighbors. Cultural programs will also be offered such as Mexican Cooking and History, Meditation, Belly Dancing, Yoga and others as teachers become available. Classes for children and summer school day camps are also offered.

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it's the only thing that ever has.-- Margaret Mead"


Bucerias Community Bulletin Board

 The Vision

The Bucerias Bilingual Community Centre will work to create a community where children and adults share the joy of developing skills and learning their neighbour's language and cultural background.

"When strangers start acting like neighbours...communities are reinvigorated."-- Ralph Nader


Bilingual teacher








 Our Teachers

5 Qualities of Every BBCC Teacher

Teachers at BBCC come in all shapes, sizes, ages, and nationalities. Arriving from England, Canada, the United States and even from five blocks away right in Bucerias, Mexico, they come to the Bay of Banderas to share their passions and skills. Most work as volunteers, while some charge a nominal fee for their courses and return a percentage to the BBCC to help cover its operating costs. No matter where their place of origin, your teachers at BBCC share five important qualities. Every teacher you meet here will have an interest or knowledge they want to share with others:

  • Knowledge or an interest they want to share with others

  • Enjoy meeting new people and sharing community

  • Like working with children or adults

  • Want to have fun

  • Choose to make a difference

Whether they are teaching English or Spanish, belly dancing or meditation, crafts or computers, kids or adults, all of them share their passions, and together we all learn.

If you have something you'd like to share with us, please contact the Bucerias Bilingual Community Centre. There's always room for more.

"A teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops" -- Henry Brooks Adams

adult class

 The Volunteers

Without volunteers, non-profits like Bucerias Bilingual Community Centre could not survive. In Bucerias the combined efforts of many are creating a thriving centre where children and adults come to learn and share. To meet the needs of the community, a variety of skills and talents from a large group of volunteers is required.

Our volunteers fulfill many roles. Our goal is utilize their strengths so that both the centre and our volunteers benefit from their gifts of service.

What roles could you play in our future growth? The following is a list of our ongoing needs:

  • Teach something you love

  • Office work including typing, collecting fees, organizing

  • Helping as a teacher aid

  • Assist with Fund raising efforts

  • Donation of materials

  • Be a Board Member

  • Transport learning materials to Bucerias

  • Sponsor a child's English education

  • Cash donations

  • Maintenance: building shelving

  • Team teaching

  • Providing opportunities for English conversation

  • Offer your special gifts & talents

Please call for further ideas or to offer suggestions Your assistance even for a few hours is invaluable!

I am only one, but I am one. I cannot do everything, but I can do something. And I will not let what I cannot do interfere with what I can do. ~Edward Everett Hale

Parents working with students








Grandparents working with students

Our Students

Our students are children and adults. They may be three years old or eighty. No matter the age they come with a desire to learn and a desire for community. At the Bucerias Community Centre they meet new friends, learn new skills, and contribute to each other’s lives. Although they are students they teach us so much.

10 Gifts Our Students Share with their Teachers

I teach students-not subjects. I teach with love-and love comes back to me. I give much-but I receive more. These are the gifts a teacher receives. -Linda Lauer

  • Gift of Inspiration as they persevere to learn that which has become natural for me
  • Gift of Laughter as we play and learn
  • Gift of Trust that I will teach them what they are seeking
  • Gift of Commitment as they return again and again
  • Gift of Friendship as they share more of themselves every class
  • Gift of Joy as I witness their successes
  • Gift of Confidence as they bring their friends with them to class
  • Gift of Wisdom as they teach me more every day
  • Gift of Humility as I witness their dedication to learning. And finally
  • Gift of LOVE shining in their smiles and felt in their hugs view photos



“My heart is singing for joy this morning. A miracle has happened! The light of understanding has shone upon my little pupil's mild, and behold, all things are changed.”-- Anne Sullivan



Good news! BBCC now has tax exempt status in the United States as a non-profit association 501 (c) (3) which means it is recognized by the USA Internal Revenue Service as a legitimate charity for which tax deductions can be credited.

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Your money goes directly to One World Heart to Support The Bucerias Bilinqual Center with their wishes and needs listed below.

Contact US if you wish to donate items, time or skills.

501 C is pending and all donations will become immediately retroactive.

Wish List

Our wish list is not so long as it is grand. Listed in prioritized order, we wish for the following:

An established pool of returning teachers committed to the program

Side by Side Curricula (Steven J. Molinsky and Bill Bliss) including student workbooks, teacher guides, picture cards, videos and more (all of which can be purchased through Call or email us for more details.

A high speed copier for our teacher’s corner

Matching Funding for a full-time Director
(approximately 10,000 US per year)

Building expansion and renovation, as we are already running out of space and turning students away (at an estimated cost of 20,000 US)

On a regular basis, we need ink cartridges, copy paper, portfolios/notebooks, scissors and glue, paper products such as toilet paper, garbage bags, napkins, washable plastic cups , plates and forks, dish and hand soap, paper towels, and large plastic table cloths.

Printer cartridges: Canon 40 & 41, Dell A960
Paper for copies
Macintosh computer G4 or better
Pedestal fans
Card stock
Boom boxes
Projector for computer
Flat screen monitors

Together  We Learn

BBCC Students

See More Photos

A Peek into our Classroom

She is four years old with beautiful long brown hair and deep brown eyes. Right now she is fast asleep in my arms, her head heavy on my shoulder. Her arms wrap about my neck, while her lanky legs hang by my hip. Her name is Jitali and she wears a t-shirt with the word PRINCESS on it. Generally a lively child, tonight she is so tired. Tonight she has accompanied her big sisters BBCC for English classes while their parents work. Right now though Jitlali is a wee child lost in dreamland.


Around us, 18 other children are hard at work. Aged 5 through 13, they see nothing strange as I walk about their classroom, with a sleeping child in my arms. Chattering away as they sit huddled over their papers, they are learning new words – colors, numbers, and lots of verbs. They smile as they ¨walk, point, turn around, touch, come here¨…words that my own children have grown up with, but so foreign here.

You see, these are Spanish speaking, Mexican children, and all of our words are in English. It is 7pm. and we are studying in an outside classroom in Bucerias, Mexico.

Our group is so varied. In total there are 3 volunteer teachers and by the end of the class more than 25 children might be present.


The youngest is 3, a thick crayon held tightly in his chubby little hand as he struggles to color a red apple, green! His two sisters sit at another table. Tonight they are babysitting and so they have brought him to English class. They know everyone is welcome.

Two 7 year olds sit at his table, one of them a bright eyed boy whose eyes shine as he soaks up new words like a sponge. He is quick to grasp everything we tell him. He is young and given this opportunity will learn English so quickly.


At another table the children are older. Mostly girls they range in age from 9 to 13. Delightful young ladies with long hair and beautiful features, they are soft, shy and flash lovely smiles. Even the 13 year old loves to color the pictures that show the vocabulary they are learning. Crayons are not something these children have grown up with.

Meanwhile, two high energy brothers entertain the class with their antics. They have lived in Los Angeles and already speak English, but they too come for companionship, the fun, and the learning.


Finally, I quietly  walk over to a dusty yoga mat lying in the corner of the room. Gently bending I brush away the dust and lay Jitali on the mat. She remains asleep while around her the children continue their work. We are glad she is here… every word counts; every experience that opens her to learning expands her opportunities. Next class she will learn more. But for tonight, we leave her to sleep. Jitali, our tiny princess, is already on her way to speaking English.
See More Students



The One!  
VTours Online Community Contribution us help others

People Helping People

Our intent at VTours is to enlighten billions of Internet Users who are seeking a place, a person, a project, etc. to be of service to.

We create pages of photos and information for free to those in need, non-profits and other organizations in the communities we visit. Creating free advertising for the community non-profits  providing worldwide exposure, they may not have the funds to achieve themselves thereby  internationally revealing the heart centered inner workings of the community most never get to see.

The crew of VTours has encountered many amazing experiences during their travels.

We continually come across what most would refer to as "ordinary" people, yet have also been fortunate enough to have the time to learn about their extraordinary stories; like the Bucerias Bilingual Community Center  and all of their amazing teachers, magnificent students and incredible community interaction.
More Information about the ONE!....

Ordinary People


Extraordinary Stories
are whom we refer to as the ONE! 


" This web site has yielded all sorts of wonderful responses for us at the Bucerias Bilingual Community Center.... everything from a donation of bathing caps for our summer school kids to a huge donation of books valuing anywhere from 6,000 US dollars upward. I can't begin to tell you what a gold mine this has been. BTW we picked up a couple of summer school volunteers through your web site as well ! "...Judi

Your money goes directly to One World Heart to Support The Bucerias Bilinqual Center with their wishes and needs listed below.

Contact US if you wish to donate items, time or skills.

501 C is pending and all donations will become immediately retroactive.